Pool at the Westbury

Relax with friends and shoot some pool on one of our pool tables.

Choose from either classic 8-Ball pool or American 9-Ball pool!

Rate  •  From €10 per hour including cues

Unfamiliar with pool? Here is all you need to know about Classic 8-Ball Pool or American 9-Ball pool.



Once the pack has been broken, the players may attempt to pot either a spotted ball or a striped ball, but not the black spotted 8 ball. Once the first ball has been potted, the player who potted that ball is then assigned that ball type. For exmaple, if Player 1 pots a spot, he must pot spots and only spots for the rest of the match, and Player 2 must pot stripes and only stripes for the rest of the match. Upon successfully potting a ball of your suit, you recieve an extra turn.


Once all the balls of a suit have been potted by a player, the player may move onto the final 8 ball. The first player to clear all his balls and then pot the 8 ball is the winner!


  1. If the player pots the black ball before he has potted all the balls of his allocated suit, the game is automatically forfeit.

  2. Once the first ball has been potted and the suits are assigned, if a player pots or strikes first a ball of the other suit, the player forfeits his turn and the other player receives 2 shots, unless the other player is on the final black 8 ball, in which case the player may not receive the 2 shot bonus.

  3. If at any time the white ball is potted, the player forfeits his turn, and the white ball can be replaced anywhere in the D by the other player who also recieves 2 shots, unless the player is on the final black ball.



The balls 1 through 9 are set up in a diamond formation as shown. In 9-Ball pool, suit is irrelevant. Balls must be potted in numerical order. Both players start of on the 1 ball and alternate shots until one is successful in potting the 1 ball. This player then gets another shot, and both players are now trying to pot the 2 ball, and the game proceeds in this way.


Interestingly the only objective in 9-Ball pool is to pot the 9-ball. Whoever pots the 9-ball wins the game, regardless of how many of the previous balls the player potted!


  1. On each turn, the first ball the player strikes must be the lowest numbered ball on the table, otherwise the other player receives 'ball-in-hand', and may place the white ball anywhere they like on the table

  2. If a player pots a ball that is not the lowest valued ball on the table, the other player receives 'ball-in-hand', and may place the white ball anywehre they like on the table

  3. If a player pots the 9-ball on the break, that player automatically wins the game.

Snooker at the Westbury

With over 25 years of experience, The Westbury Club really has become the home of snooker in Dublin. Our 4 professional grade, full sized snooker tables are maintained to the highest standard by our staff each day, making The Westbury Club a perfect place for a few frames.

Enjoy your frames on of one of our fantastic tables previously used in the Irish Masters!

Rate  •  €12 per hour including cues


Contact us and reserve your table

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