Upcoming Events at The Westbury

30th Anniversary Party

An impressive feat for any business - 30 Years under one roof in Malahide!

A certain cause for celebreation - Come down to our 30th anniversary party here at The Westbury Club.

April 2016 - Further details will be available closer to the event

Passed Events

Chinese New Year 2015

We celebrated the Chinese New Year with a huge party. An important part of a traditional Chinese New Year is the Chinese Lion Dance. This is thought to bring good luck and to deter evil spirits. The Chinese Lion Dance moved throughout the Westbury with a huge crowd of onlookers and was the perfect way to kick off a great night. Check out the video of the event on this page!

Christmas Party 2015

Christmas certainly arrived at The Wesbtury Club this year. An intense Texas Hold'Em Tournament was held and was followed by the annual Big Draw. With incredible prizes up for grabs including 2 of the brand new iPhone 6S, an Apple Watch and an assortment of Ferrari products including a watch and sunglasses, everybody was happy out. And to keep with the festive season, a full Christmas Dinner was served to all!

Christmas Party 2014

The 2014 Westbury Christmas Party was a fantastic night with a tremendous turnout! With plenty of big Westbury winners heading home with fantastic prizes, food & drinks served to all party-goers and a immensely generous sum being raised for charity, The Westbury Christmas Party is surely not a night to be missed!

Golden Egg Raffle

The annual Easter Golden Egg Raffle was another fantastic night at The Westbury, attracting people from far and wide all chasing the Golden Egg with €500 Cash hidden inside! With great prizes, great entertainment and great food & drink being served up by the Westbury Bunnies, a great night was had by all!